• Deal with the root cause

    My heart goes out to Jacqui Lambie and all families of addiction sufferers (and the addicts).
    Nanjing Night Net

    Having overcome a few major addictions myself, I found out personally what did and didn’t work, and dealt with the root cause.

    No-one could assist me in overcoming my addictions but me! Doctors, who mean well, simply couldn’t do my thinking for me (they could make recommendations and prescribe medications) – but at the end of the day “if it was to be, it had to be up to me”.

    We can force people into detoxification and then what? Just detoxifying someone doesn’t help; it must be followed up with creating new “neurological pathways” away from addictive behaviours, and it must be fun for the sufferer. Seriousness and medications don’t work!

    We can throw billions at detoxification and achieve zilch. We must get it right!

    You’re in a place of influence Jacqui, God bless you.



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